Review: MisFits on Hulu – Mature Audience

While watching Combat Hospital on Hulu, I spotted a commercial for the show MisFits. The top-rated sci-fi series in the UK was made available for the first time in the US via Hulu in June. As a first time viewer, I must say I am enjoying MisFits as it balances crazy sci-fi concepts with sexy banter and comic relief. If you are one of the folks who was up in arms over the Glee Gone Wild photos in GQ, steer clear of MisFits. While Americans are unaccustomed to the racy TNA that these teenagers flaunt, some feel that it is a more realistic representation to teenage behavior. Without getting into a back and forth on ethics, I think that this show is intriguing but judge for yourself.

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MisFits on Hulu, posted with vodpod

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