CHICAGO: Witnesses of Lynell Hawkins Shooting Dispute Police Report

Saturday, Lynell Hawkins was shot and killed by police officers on the west side of Chicago. WGN reported Sunday that the officers explained that they responded to witnesses that heard gun shots. The police explained that they tracked down Hawkins in a car based on the witnesses description. Hawkins was said to have ran out of his car and open fire on the police, forcing them to return fire.

However,  two witness tell a contrary story in the Chicago Sun-Times.

“[T]wo witnesses who said they were on a third-floor balcony 10 yards away say Hawkins threw his weapon away before the officer arrived. “He threw the gun onto the roof next door but it slid off and fell three floors to the ground below,” one said. “The cop arrived five seconds later, saw the gun on the floor, then ran up the stairs and shot the man,” added the witness, whose account matched that of the second witness. …

The first witness said she did not come forward immediately because, “I wanted to see how the police played it.” She added, “Why did they have to twist the story?”

via WGN,  via Huffington Post

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