One thought on “Tiger Woods Terminates Caddie

  1. Tiger woods is lashing out at his caddy when it is Tigers fault not to take my advise that I have been trying to tell him to go to,and find a U,C,S, chiropractor. Atlas orthogonal is very good as well as Light toggle recoil. Grostic may even work for him which is a gentle approach that is good for some humans. Tiger could have had a problem like most when born, and being born as everyone knows is traumatic for many. That accident is making Tiger worse, and I do like seeing him get worse. Google, DR dainel Clark upper cervical specific made simple,and reading would be very good. Must be a U,C,S, DC,and not a full spine or diversified. Diversified pop the condyles of the axis,and atlas, and that does nothing, and nether does is pressing down on the upper back ether.

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