Hideki Irabu Dead: Suicide Suspected

This is another unfortunate story that broke yesterday. Hideki Irabu, former New York Yankees pitcher was found dead in his California home on July 27 at age 42. According to NBC Sports, Irabu had a tumultuous career after his 1998 and 1999 World Series wins with the Yankees, where he was labeled a fat toad by former owner George Steinbrenner  after failing to meet expectations. After being traded to the Expos and then the Rangers, Irabu retired in 2002. Irabu was arrested in 2010 for drunk driving and in 2008 for assaulting a bar manager after “allegedly consuming 20 glasses of beer.” via NBCSports

Stories like these force us to look in the mirror and ask what is the source of our joy. Life is not perfect and it never will be but our lives revolve around our careers, people or status, we will never be fulfilled. I am not privy to know the details of Hideki Irabu’s life, however, it is clear that at some point he lost hope along with a sense of purpose in this life. Take time to love yourself today.



One thought on “Hideki Irabu Dead: Suicide Suspected

  1. We need humans to love ourselves, and when we do loving words will not come out of whoever, and not cruel words. Then whoever will have the king of Lovers Jesus who is Lord in them.

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