[video] Gaddafi family home movies released from 2005

They are the hunt for this guy to obviously kill him. Here is some newly released home movies of him and his family which probably were found during the recent raid of his compound. He vows to die in Libya so except a bloody end.

via Sky News

A spokesman for Tripoli’s new military council said it was only a matter of time until he was captured or killed.

Anis Sharif told reporters: “He can’t get out. We are just playing games with him.”

He said Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was still in Libya and had been tracked using advanced technology and human intelligence.

Rebel forces have taken up positions on all sides of his presumed location, with none more than 40 miles away, he claimed.

But the deputy defence minister, Mohammad Taynaz, said the fugitive leader could still be hiding in tunnels under the capital Tripoli. However, the manhunt was not a focus for his men.

“Our priority is to liberate all of Libya,” he said.

“Once the country is free, there will be nowhere for him to hide in Libya.”

It comes as the government of neighbouring Niger said Col Gaddafi had not fled to that country.


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