[video] Long Island Mom Busted for Pushing Daughter to FIGHT

Having your kid UFC the next door neighbor’s child and then jumping in, seems perfectly normal to me. After this she took her daughter to the Teen Mom audition.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

via Daily Mail

olice said Ms Melin encouraged the girls to fight, and made no attempt to end it.
During the brawl, one of the girls in the crowd reportedly screamed: ‘You are a mother, you should be stopping this.’
The video shows an adult grabbing a child before delivering a series of knee strikes to the girl’s head.
The disbelief of onlookers can be heard. As the adult attacks the student, one shouts: ‘Are you serious?’
Lt Timothy Dillon told the Post that Ms Melin’s behavior was ‘outrageous.’
He said: ‘She knew what was going to happen and she made it happen. She wanted the 12-year-olds to fight.’


One thought on “[video] Long Island Mom Busted for Pushing Daughter to FIGHT

  1. That mother needs a good tongue lashing. She is not teaching their daughter to be wise,and harmless. Can you imagine a whole society encouraging what she is encouraging? chaos unbelievable.

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