LA COP Tweets Pic of ‘Dead Body’

Did he ever think that maybe the family of the victim would not like their loved one dead body splashed all over Twitter without their permission? Could you imagine if a cop was murdered and someone tweeted a similar photo there would be serious outrage.

via LA Weekly

According to City News Service, 32-year-old Oscar Arevalo was shot dead that day on the sidewalk, in the 10600 block of Wilmington Avenue, around 9 a.m. Police have since announced that they believe two gang-affiliated suspects walked up to him, delivered the fatal bullets and ran away. They’re still on the loose.

 LaBarbera says he sees no problem with the photo, or with his Twitter activity in general. Plus, he explains, he mostly uses Twitter for “fun stuff” — talking to friends, etc. (And he’s right about that. One of our favorites: “#OccupyLA. I think I saw Elvis.”)


The detective says thousands of cops do the same. “I see them all over the country. The TV show ‘The First 48‘ puts out more stuff than we do.”



Sound Off!!

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