Bullying 5th Grade Girl Commits Suicide

Yesterday in Ridge Farm, Illinois 300 of the towns 900 residents paid their respects to Ashlynn Conner, a 5th grader who committed suicide after constant bullying.

Her mother, Stacy Conner appeared on the Today Show on NBC this morning and explained that her daughter had recently requested to be home-schooled and that as early as the 3rd grade students were taunting her, calling her a slut. Stacy Connor said that at the time she felt her daughter was too young to even understand what a slut was but that she tried to help her understand how to deal with bullying and that in the beginning the school had been helpful as well.  However, more recently the Ashlynn was told that needed to “sit down and stop tattling,” when she complained of bullying.

How do you help build your child’s self esteem against bullying?

Source: Chicago Tribune


5 thoughts on “Bullying 5th Grade Girl Commits Suicide

  1. You are right. Humans don’t like killer bees, and wonder when they will grow a colony near them. Humans do not realize that humans who bully, persecute, and kill,and cause the death of whoever are like killer bees in the flesh. Have them Know this, and by Gods grace bullies will change.

  2. That’s really sad. You just have to help your child build the confidence he or she needs. If a child has a good core group of friends in a given environment, I think that might cut down on individual bullying, so exposing the child to people with similar interests should help.

    Unfortunately, bullying is becoming as American as apple pie. Rappers bully each other by saying they have this and that, politicians bully each other by throwing dirt on each other’s name. It’s all very, very sad.

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