This dude gonna get shipped to Siberia after POTUS hears about this. No man likes anyone trying to move in on his woman Marine or not.

via Daily Mail

Michelle Obama dropped off hundreds of Christmas gifts to the U.S. Marine Corps Toys for Tots campaign and in return received a surprise invitation from a soldier to be his date to the Marine Corps Ball.

Lance Cpl. Aaron Leeks, 20, said he asked the first lady to accompany him because he’s a fan and admires her work to support the military.
When Obama was sorting toys at the charity event and came close to Leeks of Frederick, he took the opportunity and leaned over a toy bin to get her attention and pop the question.

The first lady smiled and called over a staff member as she chatted with Leeks to get his details.
‘She said she’d love to go,’ Leeks said. ‘Actually, she said I’d need to speak to her husband, too, but she said she’d love to.’
Leeks said he plans to follow up his invitation ahead of the ball next year.

In January, he will be deployed for the first time to Afghanistan but plans to attend the ball when he returns next year.
Later at the White House, Press Secretary Jay Carney was asked whether the president would consider such an offer.
Carney said that may be the first the president was hearing about this.


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