He spoke the gospel in this interview. Whether you are a regular church goer or not his makes some extremely valid points that will probably be dismissed by the majority but sorry folks it is true.

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John Shelby “Jack” Spong (born June 16, 1931) is a retired American bishop of the Episcopal Church. He was formerly the Bishop of Newark (based in NewarkNew Jersey). He is a liberal Christian theologian, religion commentator and author. He calls for a fundamental rethinking of Christian belief away from theism and from traditional doctrines.[1]

[video] DMX Plays B-Ball with Disabled Veterans

I am liking the route that DMX is taking with him re-shaping his image and career after having multiple arrests and serving time short stints in jail over the last few years. The stuff he is doing seems to be from the heart and not for photo-ops. Kinda the opposite of T.I’s recent media blitz where he seems to be campaigning for the public’s good graces instead of showing that he has changed. Time for Tip to take a page out of what DMX is doing and stop running on these talk shows and just show he has leaned lessons.
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DMX is continuing to clean up his image (just not literally this time) as a concert in Texas turned into a visit to injured soldiers.
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Exclusive: Cleveland Indians Custom New Era Fitted

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[video] News Anchor Robin Robinson Apologizes for saying “There Is No Santa”

First off what kids are up watching the evening news? I totally agree with her. Telling kids that there is a real Santa Claus is just absurd at this point. If you wanna celebrate Christmas go ahead but give kids the truth and let them know that their parents work very hard to buy them gifts. The people outraged at this need to grow up themselves and leave this anchor alone seriously. Go to 3:15 in to see her rightly declare that “There is no Santa..”

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