Exclusive: Custom Chicago Bulls New Era Fitted


Rock-N-Jocks has the perfect match for your Retro 10 Jordans that just came out. This Custom Chicago Bulls New Era fitted  all red with an all black bill. The Bull’s repeats on front and back embroidered in Black and White.  Limited to only 30 total pieces means it won’t be around for long. Go get yours now only at www.rocknjocks.com Also be sure to hit RNJ’s like button if you want to save some serious money on future orders at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rocknjocks/181017275271403

[video] Is Anonymous Starting a Cyber War and Targeting Facebook?

Seems to be some debate on Youtube if this is credible. I guess only time will tell and oddly this attck is supposedly in resonse to the taking down of Mega Upload. The transcript is after the jump.

via BI

In the wake of the federal takedown of Megaupload, hacker collective Anonymous has been on a retaliatory spree.
Yesterday, they managed to divert all traffic away from CBS.com, following their takedowns of government sites and Universal Music Group last week.
And according to a video posted this morning on a seemingly Anonymous-affiliated YouTube account, Facebook is their next target. The video encourages people to download a linked program that they can use to attack Facebook.
This isn’t the first time they’ve threatened Facebook, but if this video’s authentic, it means the threat could be acted upon soon. Other sites they’ve mentioned as targets in the past include the United Nations, Xbox Live, U.S. Bank, Twitter, and YouTube.
UPDATE 4:45 p.m. – The Anonymous-affiliated Twitter account @anonops has tweeted that they, at least, will not attack Facebook. (via PCMag)

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Spike Lee gives President Obama exclusive Air Jordan Spizikes

Wonder why Spike is outta sight when cats are cracking each other over the head for these Jordan’s which he is so heavily involved since their inception? Anyway here he presents POTUS with a pair of exclusive Air Jordan Spizikes. Hit the jump to see pic of the kicks..courtesy of Sneaker Watch

Last night President Barack Obama came into NYC for a special event at the Apollo. Spike Lee was lucky enough to get backstage access and present the President with an exclusive pair of Air Jordan Spizikes.

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Exclusive: Custom Chicago Bulls Snapback

Rock-N-Jocks has the perfect match for the Retro 10 Jordans that just released. This custom Chicago Bulls snapback is all white with the top of the bill in black and the bottom of the bill in red. The embroidered bull face logo on the front of the hat is in red, black, and white. The back of the hat has the big “CHICAGO” text in red. Limited to just 30 total pieces. Go get one it will go fast only at http://www.rocknjocks.com.

Strip Club uses Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.’s Pic in Flyer (WTF)

This is beyond tasteless. This idiot should never get a single piece of business ever again for this stupidity.



MIAMI — When Martin Luther King Jr. said he had a dream, this likely wasn’t what he meant.

A flier promoting a Miami strip club’s “I Have a Dream Bash” featuring MLK holding wads of cash next to scantily clad women has its creator taking plenty of flak.

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[video] Imma Boss Parody – Eat Millz ft. Ricky Sauce (LMAO)

Had to post this regardless of the fact I am a big Rozay fan. This is just crazy funny from beginning to end. One of my team members put me on to this at work and I am glad he did. Sauce!!

This is a Music video parody to Meek Mill & Rick Ross Imma Boss. “It’s the Sauce”The character Eat Millz is played by Mr. Grind & the Character Ricky Sauce is played by Chris Hester.

[video] U.S. Marines urinate on DEAD Taliban (Graphic Content)

Are we really surprised? Soldiers are taught to hate and kill their enemy so why are we surprised they would do this? I actually think this is pretty tame compared to probably what happens in war.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

via TMZ

The United States Marine Corps is launching an investigation into a video which appears to show Marines in full combat gear urinating on several dead bodies … TMZ has learned.
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[video] Daily Show: George Lucas say Hollywood passed on Red Tails because of Black Cast

“This has been held up for release since 1942 since it was shot, I’ve been trying to get released ever since,it’s because it’s an all-black movie. There’s no major white roles in it at all…I showed it to all of them and they said no. We don’t know how to market a movie like this”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Researchers work on ‘sober’ pill that works no matter how drunk you are

So if this keeps you sober what will be the point of drinking in the first place?

via MNN

Imagine a pill that could instantly sober you up no matter how much you’ve had to drink, or a hangover cure that worked minutes after swallowing it. Hardened drinkers rejoice: researchers are about to begin human trials on an “alcohol antidote” that may soon offer a cure to alcoholism, reports New Scientist.
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[video] Aussie Woman’s Bungee Cords SNAPS into River Filled with Crocodiles

This is exactly why I would never ever bungee jump. Why would they do this over a river filled with Crocs?


Erin Langworthy speaks to Channel Nine after after her bungee cord snapped during a jump over the Zambesi River on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, sending her plunging into the rapids below. Picture: Channel 9

Erin Langworthy, 22, plunged into the Zambezi River, which divides Zambia and Zimbabwe, on December 31.

The Zambia Post newspaper website reported that Ms Langworthy, from Western Australia, fell headfirst into the river after the bungee jump with Safari Par Excellence.

Ms Langworthy told Channel 9 that she blacked out as she hit the water.

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Exclusive : Nobody has more Los Angeles Lakers New Era Snapbacks then Rock-N-Jocks

Nobody has more Los Angeles Lakers New Era Snapbacks then Rock-N-Jocks. Go take a look at how many are available at www.rocknjocks.com Also be sure to follow RNJ on twitter to know first about the newest drops at www.twitter.com/rocknjocks. Nobody has more Los Angeles Lakers New Era Snapbacks then Rock-N-Jocks. Go take a look at how many are available at www.rocknjocks.com Also be sure to follow RNJ on twitter to know first about the newest drops at www.twitter.com/rocknjocks.