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[video] Wrestler CM Punk Responds to Chris Brown’s Twitter Messages

This whole shitstorm started a few days ago on Twitter when CM Punk offered to fight Chris Brown in the ring. Chris threw a bunch of tweets back accusing CM Punk of using steriods and not being able to please a woman. CM Punk has now made a response video and it is kinda of brutal. Time for Chris Brown to stop engaging in war of words over this Rihanna thing, it always seem to backfire.

[video] Cop Tases handcuffed girl in back, now braindead. Found NOT GUILTY of wrongdoing (Graphic Video)

This is an awful video to look at, especially when you see the impact of her falling and banging her head of the concrete. Make sure you read the article because this girl was no innocent person in the least.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

via Live Leak

The Florida Highway Patrol have cleared 267-pound Trooper Daniel Cole of wrongdoing and have released a disturbing dash cam video that captured him tasing a 100 pound, 20 year old handcuffed girl in the back as she fled. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement determined Trooper Daniel Cole’s “use of force” was justified when he tased the woman last September at the FHP Pinellas Park Substation and cleared him of wrongdoing. The fleeing woman, Danielle Maudsley, 20, suffered severe brain damage after hitting her head on the concrete and has been in a persistent vegetative state ever since.


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Exclusive: Custom Pittsburgh Pirates New Era Fitteds

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[pics] Jay Z and Beyonce release first pics of “Blue Ivy”

Finally folks here are some pics of the most talked about baby of the 21st. century “Blue Ivy”. Hit the jump to see proud poppa Jay Z and Beyonce with their bundle of joy.

via E Online

The little lady—who has already made music history, is in the process of having a her name trademarked and was creatively honored and represented by her mother through blue nail polish—finally has a face. Bey-Bey and hubby Jay-Z set up a Tumblr account dedicated to their beautiful baby girl, and it includes the greatest Kodak moments you could ever think of! “We welcome you to share in our joy,” the handwritten note on the website reads. “Thank you for respecting our privacy during this beautiful time in our lives,” signed “The Carter Family.” Continue reading

[video] Argentine Mastiff BITES Reporter’s Lip OFF During Live Taping

Now the headline says he bit her lip off but let’s all hope it is not that severe. My question is who sticks their face in the face of an animal that is primarily used as a killer guard dog?

A dog rescued from an icy pond in the US may be put down after it bit a news anchor during a live television interview.

Kyle Dyer was rushed to hospital after being bitten by Max, an Argentine Mastiff, on a Colorado’s 9NEWS morning program on Wednesday morning.

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[pic] Artist depicts President Obama stepping on Constitution in Controversial Painting

My question is where were all these artist when George Bush was in office? Did he not trample the Constitution and get this country in the mess it is in now?

via CBS

Provo, Utah (CBS Las Vegas) – In front of the White House a man is sitting on a park bench in the throes of depression. He is surrounded by all 44 presidents. In the forefront, purposefully ignoring the depressed man is President Obama, whose right foot is stepping on the Constitution. James Madison is next to Obama, pleading with him to stop.

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[video] New Birth Missionary Baptist Crowns Bishop Eddie Long Crowed as King

Sexual predator Bishop Eddie Long is crowned as King at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. No words for this coonery.


In a recent service on January 29th 2012, Eddie Long who is Bishop at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church invited Ralph Messer who claims to be a Rabbi bringing torah truth to Christians. This rabbi then proceeds to pronounce Eddie Long as King in “god’s government” lifting him up in his chair/throne and carrying him around the stage.
It gets very interesting around the 5th minute.