3 thoughts on “[video] CNN Reporter Susan Candiotti Says ‘F–king N–ger’ On The Air (WTF)

  1. I am a 19 year old female quadriplegic and a mother of a two-year-old daughter. I am not able to work because of my disability but I do have a voice-activated computer and I know a lot about computers and the Internet. I want to start a website I do not know about what. I need IDEAS! I would like to make some profit on my website but I do not know how to do that or how to get companies to pay to put ads up on my website. I don’t even know where to go to start my own website. I need lots and lots of help if someone would like to help me out or maybe be partners with me when the website starts making a profit you will get a portion of the profits..

  2. Edward Ledell Ricks
    201 Silverwood, Drive
    Mansfield, TX 76063

    Application ID: A08-0980086

    Victim Compensation Appeal Unit: Request for Reconsideration

    1. Applicant Mr. Ricks, request that Board reconsider its decision based on

    applicants new foundation basis and evidence upon which relief may be granted, (a)

    (Mooney v. Holohan), 294 U. S. 103.” & (b) (Brady v. Maryland), 373 U.S. 83

    (Trayvon Martin), guaranteed rights by the U.S. Federal Constitution Amendment

    Fourteen “Equal Protection Clause requires each state to provide equal protection under

    these law to all people within its jurisdiction”. The nondisclosure and deliberate supp-

    ression of the “TRUTH” Exculpatory DVD Surveillance Video Evidence by

    STATE prosecutor Ms. Patty Sanchez, regarding an “ATTEMPTED MURDER”,

    certainly violated applicants due process to equal protection, and in addition, put Mr.

    Ricks “life”, “liberty” and “freedom” in harms way in the County of Orange whereas, the

    STATE prosecutors office allowed the second “Perpetrator” William Lee Henderson,

    walk-away scott free without Attempted Murder Charges filed, after William Lee Hen-

    derson violently sliced victim Ricks’ neck from ear to ear, severing applicant’ jugular vein

    without reason, for no apparent reason at all .

    This degree of constitutional deprivation and disrespect exercised against

    applicant by the Orange County STATE prosecuting office, and police departmet, clear-

    ly violates applicant Mr. Ricks’ constitutional rights to equal protection under Amend

    Fourteen (Mooney v. Holohan), 294 U. S. 103.” & (Brady v. Maryland), 373 U.S.

    83, this constitutional deprivation practice exercised by the STATE prosecutors office

    have certainly inspired other “State Informants” within the County of Orange to commit

    additional violence against applicant, to gain favor from STATE.

    2. This new foundation and evidence was not reasonably available to appli-

    cant at the time of initiation, due to the severe and chronic “P.T.S.D.” illness suffered by

    applicant Mr. Ricks, during time of preparation. The P.T.S.D. seriously hinder applicant’

    ability to adequately prepare anything at all associated with the Attempted Murder due

    to the severe depression that overwhelms applicant whenever applicant concentrate on,

    or even thinks about this Attempted Murder” matter whereby, no Attempted Murder

    charges were ever filed against perpetrator William Lee Henderson by STATE prose-

    cutor Ms. Patty Sanchez. However, mental therapy has been very very helpful and Mr.

    Ricks is grateful that this service was provided by the Victim Compensation Program. I

    wish this mental health therapy was provided immediately after the Attempted Murder.

    Dr. Don Mappes, Ph.D.,
    2363 Highway 287 North, Suite 101
    Mansfield, TX 76063-7599
    p: (817) 265-8888.

    According to opinion of Dr. Don Mappes, applicant Mr. Ricks suffer from

    Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (DSM-IV dx: 309.81) immediately after the shocking

    “Attempted Murder”, severed jugular vein near death experience. According to Dr. Don

    Mapppes, when applicant indicated that no charges are filed against perpetrator Willam

    Lee Henderson … intensified the Posttraumatic Stress Disorder illness causing applicant

    to become totally terrified of the Orange County STATE prosecutor(s) and police.

    August 2009, applicant personally witnessed STATE prosecutor Ms. Sanchez

    knowingly and willingly testify falsify under oath, with motive to SUPPRESS TRUTH

    and completely deprive applicant Mr. Ricks of fundamental fairness. This unlawful ex-

    perience dangerously impacting the Posttraumatic Stress Disorder illness subsequently,

    causing applicant Mr. Ricks to flee the County of Orange in fear for the safty of his “life”

    “liberty” and “freedom”.









    Please Help
    I have 100% evidence the DVD Surveillance Video Exculpatory Evidence of the “Attempted Murder” and “NO CHARGE(S) ARE FILED BY STATE” against perpetrator … William Lee Henderson

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