[video] George Zimmerman’s Attorneys Step Down, Have Not Spoken To Him

This story has taken another dramatic turn and if this does not show he is guilty hopefully a full blown trial will.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

via Miami Herald

SANFORD — George Zimmerman’s attorneys withdrew from the controversial Trayvon Martin shooting case Tuesday, saying they have lost contact with their client, who began making moves without consulting them.The lawyers said Zimmerman called special prosecutor Angela Corey on Tuesday, a highly unusual move for the target of an investigation who is being represented by a lawyer.Zimmerman made the call despite not having returned calls from his attorneys, Craig Sonner and Hal Uhrig, since Sunday, Sonner said.

“He won’t even give me a collect call,” Sonner said.He added that Zimmerman, who has left the state but not the country, also called Fox News talk show host Sean Hannity without talking to the lawyers.Zimmerman also set up a website linked to a Paypal account that was different than the one the attorneys arranged through Zimmerman’s father, the lawyers said.


One thought on “[video] George Zimmerman’s Attorneys Step Down, Have Not Spoken To Him

  1. Elijah Ricks we must stay focused on the “REAL PROBLEM HERE” and that is the “RACIST STATE PROSECUTOR” did not file charges against zimmerman and “NO CHARGES” would have never been filed if the huge wave of people did not support “TRAYVON” … the STATE prosecutor use this injustice system as a tool to kill black men or unlawfully send them to prison for long term and they get away with it all the time … and the very few black tokens that work around them also turn a blind eye when ever these “RACIEST TEA PARTY DEVILS” decide to violate a black mans Constitutional Rights to Equal Protection … the “SLAVES EARNED THIS RIGHT FOR US” and i honor my Constitutional Rights to Equal Protection to the fullest

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