Jets Antonio Cromartie Fathers 10th Child…10 Kids, 8 Women, 6 States

This guy is a baby making machine, he obviously does not like plastic. Somehow I don’t find this story ending well once he is out of the league and is not raking it in like he is now. Funny thing is why a woman would still put herself in this web of ignorance after finding out he has fathered so many kids. If they like it, I love it.  Shouts to BlackSportsOnline for the story.

via BSO

It should be noted that this is his 2nd child with his wife Terrica Cromartie and since he has gotten married, he has settled down.

Also as of today all of the child support issues he had before he became a New York Jet has been cleaned up and there are no outstanding issues with that.

So, you can’t say at least financially he isn’t taking care of his children.

With that being said Cromartie is 27 with 10 kids. That is amazing, I would say that it is surprising, but we know that isn’t the case, right Dwight Howard?  Unlike Howard though at least Cromartie acknowledges his offspring.


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