Israeli Scientists Create Medical Marijuana That Does Not Get You High

If this stuff is legit, you would have to say there could be far reaching and  massive changes to the medical marijuana industry

via Yahoo

Israeli scientists have cultivated a cannabis plant that doesn’t get people stoned in a development that may help those smoking marijuana for medical purposes, a newspaper said on Wednesday.

According to the Maariv daily, the new cannabis looks, smells and even tastes the same, but does not induce any of the feelings normally associated with smoking marijuana that are brought on by the substance THC, or

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Are Poor People Wasting Time on The Net?

This is a very interesting article and should be read by poor parents who stick gadgets in the faces of their kids before they can even walk.

via Gawker/NYT

As access to devices has spread, children in poorer families are spending considerably more time than children from more well-off families using their television and gadgets to watch shows and videos, play games and connect on social networking sites, studies show.

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Famed Artist Shepard Fairey of Obama’s Hope Poster Illustrates Trayvon Martin

I think he eloquently explains his stance on the case in addition to him drawing this illustration.

“I have followed Trayvon’s case closely and I think any compassionate human being can relate to Trayvon as a brother or son and would want to see a thorough investigation into the killing of an unarmed person. In my portrait I wanted to emphasize Trayvon’s humanity as well as the public outcry for a just investigation into his death.”


[video] Octodad Who Fathered 30 Kids Asks Judge for Child Support Break

This dude is a human baby making machine.

via Huff Post

A 33-year-old Knoxville, Tenn. man with 30 children appeared in court this week to ask the state for child-support help, Memphis news station WREG reported Wednesday.

Desmond Hatchett has fathered 30 children — which is believed to be the record in Knox county, according to the Los Angeles Times — with 11 different women. His youngest children are toddlers and his oldest is 14.

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[video] Surveillance Footage of Trayvon Martin Released Moments his Death

In the last few days information has surfaced concerning this case and here is the murdered Trayvon Martin right before he mets George Zimmerman.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

via Newsone

The surreal images show Martin, whom many of us have never seen alive but have grown to care for deeply, dressed in a gray hoodie, tan pants and white sneakers. He is casually paying for his Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea, before attempting to make it home to his father. Moments later, he would encounter George Zimmerman, 28, who thought he looked “suspicious.”

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[video] Will Smith Smacks Ukranian Reporter Who Attempts to Kiss Him in the Mouth

I would of slapped him too. This reporter is on his way to becoming world famous.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

via TMZ

Will Smith just slapped a Ukrainian reporter across the face at the Moscow premiere of “Men in Black 3” — and it was all caught on tape.

The Ukrainian reporter tries to kiss Will on the lips on the red carpet and the actor angrily pushes him away and then backhands him across the face.

You can clearly see that Will is incredibly pissed that the guy showed overt affection toward him.
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Exclusive: Custom Chicago Bulls New Era 59/50 Fitted

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House Dems to Vote on Trayvon Martin Amendment

After being a couple of quiet weeks concerning this case we get news that House Dems want to disband the Stand Your Ground law.

via Washington Times

House Democrats said Tuesday they will offer an amendment to push to overturn stand-your-ground self-defense laws in states like Florida.

The amendment, which would withhold some grants from states that have such laws, will come as part of the House’s debate on the Commerce Department spending bill.

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Beastie Boy Adam Yauch Falls To Cancer

This guy was a legend.

via Huff Post

Adam MCA Yauch is dead after losing a long battle with cancer, according to reports from Global Grind and TMZ.

The 47-year-old member of the Beastie Boys announced he would be receiving treatment for a cancerous tumor in his salivary gland in July 2009, and that that as a result the group would cancel some future shows and push back the release of a new album.

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