[video] Hodge Twins on Wade Davis on Being Gay in the NFL (LMAO)

If you were under a rock for the past few days. Ex- NFL football player Wade Davis announced to the world that he was gay during his short stint in the NFL. Bodybuilding experts the Hodge Twins have decided to give their take on these recent developments. These guys are hilarious and are sure to get a show on a network soon.

One thought on “[video] Hodge Twins on Wade Davis on Being Gay in the NFL (LMAO)

  1. So you said that you “guarantee” that of the 99% of players Wade played football with (not sure what happened to the other 1% of players) that 80% of those 99% “knew you was gay.”

    So I have a challenge for you. I think you have a great opportunity to use your internet comedy stardom to find out that answer. Why not send out a tweet to all his former teammates?! Or do a blog calling them out and see what they have to say. I think, even though you think you know what you knew in the “first 30 seconds,” it is real easy to say when at the bottom of the screen it said, “FMR. NFL PLAYER REVEALS HE’S GAY.” Kinda a giveaway. Since you brought it up though it would be interesting to see what they all say.

    Although Wade did “hide” his sexuality while playing, he has always been himself…and sexuality didn’t define who he was as a person. And think about it, if you were concerned that who you are would effect your livelihood (make the cheese!), then you shut down that part of who you are. As you might say, “Brotha had to do his thing.” I mean, imagine a world where you couldn’t be funny if someone found out you were gay. Threaten your passion and you too may consider not telling anyone….

    And lastly, in reference to your “selfish” comment. I think he would agree. I read in a letter he wrote to gay black athletes “Every memory I have will always be empty because all of who I was never existed during those moments.” Now that is some deep shit.

    Funny is good, but remember you are influencing people also. Joke around, but have a positive message at the end.

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