One thought on “[video] Rickey Smiley goes in on ‘Love and Hip Hop’ Producer Mona Scott

  1. Ratings?I REALLY?!! People love Ratchet things involving black people, black people included. People love the “characters” on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and whether it’s their real life or not, is debatable.. I honestly watched the first episode and was completely insulted at the coonery I was witnessing and was very vocal about it, however, it was hilarious I must admit. I also tuned in to the reunion after numerous people on twitter and FaceBook had been going on about it. I don’t think I know many people who don’t watch this show. People are curious to see how ratchet the show can get from week to week, so of course the ratings are going to be through the roof. It’s not a good look for Atlanta, women, music, or black people. We have to do better!!! Mona Scott-Young is a BUSINESSWOMAN first and foremost and I truly feel she could care less as to how our community is portrayed. If doing a “reality” show only focusing on the lives of women who are making lives for THEMSELVES generated the type of bank these ratchet shows did, I guarantee you that Mona would be on board. Since shows like that don’t get as many views as those ratchet ones, she is sticking to what she knows. I don’t agree with that concept but WE HAVE TO DO BETTER AS VIEWERS TOO, if WE didn’t watch it, THEY wouldn’t make it :shrug: VH1 is loving every minute of his and this will only encourage writing of future ratchet shows to be made. TOTALLY agree with Rickey Smiley!!

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