[video] Restaurant Owner Extra Excited to See President Obama, Gives Him Bear Hug

This guy was really happy to see the Prez.

via Muscle and Fitness

When President Barack Obama made a last-minute stop at the Big Apple Pizza and Pasta Restaurant while campaigning in Florida on Sunday, its owner, Scott Van Duzer, got a little carried away (literally) while greeting him.

Van Duzer only had about 40 minutes notice that the president would be making a pitstop at his restaurant, and he couldn’t contain his excitement—especially when Obama started complimenting his physique. “Everybody look at these guns,” Obama said, adding, “If I eat your pizza, will I look like that?”

Van Duzer was speechless, laughing before saying, “I gotta give him one of these!” Then he wrapped Obama in a bear hug and lifted him a good foot-and-a-half off the ground. Thankfully, the president’s Secret Service agents didn’t tackle Van Duzer to the ground.

The president also took it all in stride commenting, “Man, are you a powerlifter or what?”

The 46-year-old Van Duzer says he can bench 350 lbs

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