[pic] Alledged Cop Shooter Gets Face ‘BASHED IN’ by Atlanta Police?

I guess it comes with the territory when you are alleged to have shot a rookie officer.
Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 10.40.26 PM

via Gawker

Robinson, 35, graduated from the police academy in November and was dispatched to the southwest Atlanta neighborhood Friday night to investigate possible drug activity. He gave chase when a suspicious man ran from him and was shot moments later, police say.

Police would not say how Nance sustained injuries evident in his mug shot taken Friday night. APD spokesman Gregory Lyon said the department’s internal review board will investigate all aspects of the shooting – as they do any time an officer is involved in a shooting – to ensure all policies and procedures were followed.


2 thoughts on “[pic] Alledged Cop Shooter Gets Face ‘BASHED IN’ by Atlanta Police?

  1. God will judge all people regardless of what they do here on earth or there authority here on earth! IF These ass hole Atlanta Cops find out this wasn’t the guy who shot the rookie ass hole. Then what! who knows what the rookie ass hole was doing, probably a drug shake down for money or drugs! You don’t think cops are dirty and liars! If street justice is what ass hole cops are doing remember what goes around comes around big time and painful. Don’t be begging and praying God to get if off your ass, it doesn’t work that way!

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