[video] Anderson Cooper Fires Back at Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theorists

Knowing this government and its torrid history, who is to say either way this could never happen? I would certainly hope that the conspiracy guys were wrong because my mind could not wrap around them going to these lengths for whatever agenda they have planned for the American people. Check below the cut to see the original video which purports the Sandy Hook murders to be a collaboration between mainstream media and the government.


9 thoughts on “[video] Anderson Cooper Fires Back at Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theorists

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  6. Just disregard all of the victim remembrance pages that were created well before the shooting even happened though. Hmmmmm……

  7. I wonder if this dreadful wicked incident which is very tragic to say the least happened in a minority school in an inner city what would be the effect if any type of exposure such as this covered in the media and world wide attention it has received. When Israel gunships and war planes dropped bombs and artillery on schools in Gaza and the West Bank where was the out cry?

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