[video] Female Newscasters ‘HATE ON EACH OTHER’ live on-air

Wow. For the first time we actually see how television news people really feel about each other. Did you really think they are all the best of friends? Try again they all hate each other and put on the greatest fronts in the history of mankind. This was classic live television at its best.

via Gawker

A recent bit of on-air passive aggression between Philly news anchor Nicole Brewer and CBS 3 meteorologist Carol Erickson has exposed the fact that the former Miss Pennsylvania and her colleague have been exchanging less-than-subtle barbs for some time now.

One website went back through the archives and pulled some of Brewer and Erickson’s testier (and tastier) on-air beefs for this “master class in highly public passive-aggressive behavior,” as The Philly Post calls it.


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