[video] Robert Zimmerman Jr on America’s Newsroom Fox

Seems to me very strange how this guy has been proclaiming that his family wants left alone but has all over the media. He wants to be a Fox News talking head and will probably get that position with other cases of when race and violence and intersect.

One thought on “[video] Robert Zimmerman Jr on America’s Newsroom Fox

  1. I hope this beady eye slime ball gets this job so that he can pay the Martin family for civil rights violation in the up coming law suit and get off welfare him and his wife How can a half Jew / Puerto Rican two time loser be prejudice because his father was a Virginia affirmative action appointee in Virginia. His mother a Puerto Rican ex welfare recipient got a job at the same court as her Jewish husband as a civil court judge with his wife a simple low level Spanish speaking translator! If this middle class jobs make you feel white more power to you! He will get his and all that supported and defended George Zimmerman! Remember there is a GOD and a higher court that George Zimmerman and his attorneys and family and friends plus fox News will have to face. God is not prejudice. When you stand before God there are two books you will judged from. The Book of Life all what you have done in your life is revealed good and bad. The Book of Judgement; how GOD has the final say! No priest, rabbi, can save you or trifle charities can get you absolution as many Catholics and Jews believe will save them from HELL! When you place your hand on the HOLY BIBLE and swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, “SO HELP YOU GOD” This is the point in your life that will send you to either heaven or hell. God HATES LIARS!

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