[video] Woman Bites Off Man’s Lips at Oktoberfest (Extremely Graphic)

This is probably the most cringe-worthy video of the year and this woman obviously was no joke and maybe he shouldn’t of tried to stuff something in her mouth.

via Gawker

A very drunk man who got in a very drunk brawl at Oktoberfest had to have his lip sewn back on after a very drunk woman bit it off.

The man, dressed in Lederhosen, apparently tried to shove something in a 30-year-old Alaskan woman’s mouth. She then got up and punched him, he grabbed her arms, and she bit his lip for at least 15 seconds, when the footage cuts off.

The woman, wearing devil horns, was arrested for criminal assault. According to Metro, the man had emergency surgery to reattach his lip.

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