[video] Knockout Game at Rikers Island? Female Correction Officer Punched

This knock-out game stuff is hard to pin down due to the fact the media in a bunch of cases used it for splashy headlines but had no data to prove this was real phenomenon spreading across the country. Well this recent incident may sway people to believing this is indeed a real danger if more incidents continue to happen.

via Fox

“Came right out of the bathroom and punched me in my eye,” she said.

Her eye socket was fractured and may need surgery. She has a black eye and her vision remains blurry. She said it came out of nowhere.

All the attention around the knockout game is giving those on lockdown a new way to prove just how bad they are, said correction officers union V.P. Liz Castro.

The injured C.O. told me she is depressed and scared by what happened, but is determined to wear her uniform again after she heals.


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