10 People It’s Time To Unfriend On Facebook

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 8.54.22 AM

Pretty much my whole feed is GUILTY. Lol.

I will post a few below and you can read the rest of at BUZZFEED.


Check out their timeline. If someone only uses their status updates to tell you what a miserable day they’re having, to complain about their life, or use their feed as a way to get people to feel sorry for them, then it’s time to hit the unfriend button.

6. Your super political and religious friend(s).

If there’s one thing that people should learn about Facebook, it’s that you won’t convert someone to your side by posting multiple links and using ALL CAPS in the comments. But overly eager political and religious people just love to do this, and if you say anything about it to them, they’ll say you’re part of the problem. To save your feed from being clogged up with op-ed pieces, just say goodbye to this friend.

8. The friend you haven’t spoken to in years, and is also your ex…!

Admit it: The only reason you haven’t unfriended this person is because sometimes you like to Facebook stalk them after a big glass of wine. The problem is that by allowing yourself that kind of access, you run the risk of unnecessarily opening up old relationship wounds (especially if it’s a fresh breakup). If you aren’t currently friends with your ex IRL, then you definitely don’t need to be on Facebook.

10. People who like to point out what’s going wrong in your life.


There’s nothing wrong with correcting someone’s grammar, or telling them that they’ve got misinformation. But if the only way a person knows how to communicate is by being an obnoxious know-it-all, then that will get old very quickly. The next time they correct you, instead of getting mad, just say goodbye to that toxic friend.


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