[video] Fat Dancer Whitney Thore and 260 lb. Amani Terrell Campaign For Body Positivity

FAT dancer Whitney Thore has become a star – shaking her 25-stone booty in online videos. The 29-year-old radio producer’s clip A Fat Girl Dancing showcasing her incredible dance skills went viral and earned her fans the world over. Whitney, who has Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, wants to destigmatise the word ‘fat’. Six months ago she launched the No Body Shame Campaign fight fat phobia and teach people to love their bodies.

Based on the comments on youtube and a discussion I had on Facebook on Amani Terrell (who admits she needs to lose the weight) in a bikini on Hollywood Blvd. last week, people are really passionate on both sides of this issue. I definitely think a major part of loving yourself is treating your body as a temple and it’s a big contradiction to proclaim to love yourself but at the same time destroy yourself everyday with the worst kinds of foods. Obesity is the norm in this society and its direct correlation to a host of diseases and early death can not be disputed or denied no matter how much self esteem a person has.

A Los Angeles woman says she’s tired of Hollywood’s obsession with perfection. So, she’s doing something drastic right in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard to show other women that it’s perfectly fine to be large and have good self esteem. While you may or may not agree with Amani Terrell’s method, no one can argue with her message of loving yourself at any size. Amani weighs 260 pounds. She knows she has to lose weight. In the meantime, she refuses to be down on herself. She says, “You can not seek validation from other people. This world is very cruel. You must seek validation within yourself and be kind to yourself.”


Amani decided to strip down to her bikini in the very busy Hollywood Boulevard to show the world that women are beautiful at any size. While most people had a positive reaction…some, not so much. One guy yelled that he lost his appetite. Another sarcastically called her “Precious”.

Amani responded like this, “That was very unkind but that’s cool because I love myself.” You can follow Amani’s Twitter account at @FATINLOSANGELES.

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