Hollywood Life Reports ‘Shower Rod’ Mimi Faust Only Got $100,000 for Sex Tape? Peter Rosenberg Calls Her “New Queen of Ratchet”

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$100, 000? Didn’t the Teen Mom chick get a $1 Million and Kim Kardashian got $5 Million? I hate to say Peter Rosenberg was right when he labelled her the New Queen of Ratchet if this story is true. A new low in reality television and human life period.

via Hollywood Life

“Have you every heard of Mimi Faust before her porn dropped? Exactly!” the source tells us. “Mimi is trying to make a name for herself and become relevant. She’s riding this new wave of fame until it ends.”

Just how much exactly did Mimi make?

“She did it for the money and from what I’m hearing she cashed in about 100 racks.”

Vivid Entertainment founder Steve Hirsch, spoke to HollywoodLife.com who told us the following:

We were approached by a third party to release the tape. I wasn’t familiar with Mimi and Nikko or Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. After doing some research, I realized just how big both the show and the tape could be. It was a struggle to ultimately get the deal done but we did. And this tape will be huge. Massive!


4 thoughts on “Hollywood Life Reports ‘Shower Rod’ Mimi Faust Only Got $100,000 for Sex Tape? Peter Rosenberg Calls Her “New Queen of Ratchet”

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