[video] UKRAINE – National guard MURDERS UNARMED CIVILIANS IN MARIUPOL! (Extremely Graphic)

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 3.46.47 AM

What is really going on in the Ukraine is definitely not being covered on any mainstream media channels. I myself am still in the dark as to what is going on there except for a few basic facts, but lets keep it real, this is all about control of billions of dollars of gas between Russia and Ukraine. Hit the jump for the graphic video…

From Live Leak:

Maidan supported national guard (sponsored by USA) killes unarmed civilians in Mariupol’, Ukraine, who were on the street march for Ukrain federalisation. About 200 unarmed civilians, Ukraine citizens on the street. Kiev’s new nazi army (from “right sector”) shooting unarmed people. 

You can see a guy on knees beind wounded in the head, an old guy in a suit shot in the leg and fall, a reporter with camera shot in the stomach (the guiy in blue top, in the begining of video), one more wounded in the leg, and one guy shot dead in the head, all from AK-47.

Also you can see two government provokers in the crowd, one trying to hand out molotoff’s (no one in the croud has any weapons) the guy with the camera tells him to fuck off and not provoke more victims, and one guy with small pistol, also making himself visible, so then people would say civilians also had weapons.

Today more than 20 civilians were shot dead on the streets of Mariupol’, 17 wounded in hospitals. Please pray for their souls.

Sound Off!!

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