[video] Donald Sterling Proclaims “I’m Not Racist” in New Phone Conversation

Cha-ching. The new get rich scheme is to obviously get Donald Sterling on the phone and record him and sell it to tabloid websites for a fee. This time its Radar Online who gets the scoop on how Donald Sterling feels after his racist comments were blasted worldwide. When will this fool learn to shut up?

RadarOnline.com has acquired a secret audio recording that reveals Sterling’s true reaction to the scandal for the very first time.

Alternately defiant and heartbroken, Sterling bares his true nature like never before in the shocking tapes, unapologetically insisting he is “not a racist” and will not back down from his position as Clippers owner — despite the public outcry over his vile comments.

“You think I’m a racist?” Sterling angrily asks a long-time friend in the recorded phone conversation. “You think I have anything in the world but love for everybody? You don’t think that! You know I’m not a racist!”

Adrien Broner Suspended for ‘Just Beat The F*ck Out Of A Mexican’ Comments

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Apology in 5,4,3..He post fight comments received more press than his actual fight. Hit the jump to see the infamous comments that Broner suspended.

via Bleacher Report

A bit unsurprisingly, Adrien Broner‘s poor choice of words have earned him a suspension from the World Boxing Council.

The WBC announced its decision on Wednesday, a little less than a week after “The Problem” made racially insensitive comments following his victory over Carlos Molina:

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[video] Tyrese SLAMS, Real House Wives of Atlanta, Bloggers and Social Media says “They’re the Devils Work “

Tyrese gives his opinion of the effect that reality shows have on the black community and society at large. There are going to be a bunch of people who come at him for these statements, but the brother makes some very valid points. With the cat fighting and physical altercations that are the norm these days on reality television at some point this stuff if it hasn’t already will have a trickle down effect whether we like it or not. We have Flavor Flav to thank for this.