[video] Brazilian man Xiahn Nishi has EXTENSIVE Plastic Surgery for Asian Eyes

He definitely didn’t wake up like this.

via Huff Post

Love the skin you’re in. Or you could do what a Brazilian man did, and change your face to look more Asian. As can be seen in the video above, Xiahn Nishi, who used to go by “Max,” is a Brazilian man who decided to undergo ten surgeries to achieve his goal, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

“I think I look handsomer like this,” Nishi told the Herald. “Maybe some people think it’s not, but I think it is.” Nishi insists he doesn’t think of himself as Asian or as Korean, a nationality that he greatly admires after visiting the country, but as “something in between.” But, the Stir’s Rebecca Stokes suggests something much darker may lurk inside Nishi’s psyche. “When the outside adulation goes, who’s to say how long his sense of satisfaction will last?” Stokes writes. “How long is it before he just goes under the knife again rather than deal with his real issues?” SOURCE:

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