[video] Meet Thon Maker, the 17 Year Old, 7-Foot Phenom

Back in the day 7 Footers were one dimensional players but that mold has been broken in the last few years and the age of do-it-all big men is definitely here to stay.

via Bleacher Report

GARDEN GROVE, Calif. — You don’t have to watch Thon Maker play basketball to get at least an inkling of how special he is and what he might become.

The slender 7-foot physique. The arachnoid limbs. The gliding gait. The disarming demeanor.

These are all useful clues for forming a fitting first impression of him. But it’s not until you see Maker in motion on the hardwood that his limitless potential becomes apparent, if not blatantly obvious.

The fancy footwork. The smothering defense—be it on the perimeter, at the rim or any place in between. The smooth shooting out to NBAthree-point range. The quick, tricky handles. The persistence in the paint. The leadership from end to end.

His frame belies his game. His game belies his age (17). And his age belies the journey that’s brought him from the farmlands of South Sudan to the cities of Australia to the top of his high school class at Adidas Nations.


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