NBA Owner Bruce Levenson To Sell Atlanta Hawks After Racist Email Surfaces

So in the world of NBA ownership, you make racist comments about your fans, get caught, and then gain hundreds of millions of dollars from a forced sale.

Basically the Atlanta owner felt the fan base was too black and were scaring away the white fan base and he told his staff to whiten up the music, cheerleaders, and overall appearance of his product.

He has since apologized as racists once they racist ideology surfaces to the public. Mark Cuban jumped out all over this in basic support of Donald Sterling because deep down he knew this boys club of billionaire owners are a bunch of undercover racists.

2 thoughts on “NBA Owner Bruce Levenson To Sell Atlanta Hawks After Racist Email Surfaces

  1. What the hell is with these racist old rich Jews? They forget African American soldiers in 1944 liberated their holocaust asses from the death camps! We put our lives on the line in Iraq and Afghanistan, Sierra Leon blood diamonds, apartheid in South Africa Rothschild Gold Mines – Krugerrand Dutch Jews so old rich racist Jews can get richer and they whine and complain like Jerry Seinfeld & Joan Rivers! We are not brothers! Jews funded the American slave trade in 1492 by 4 expelled Jewish bankers with Queen Isabelle from Spain & Portugal Dutch West Indies Trade!

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