[video] Female Baltimore Teacher FIGHTS Student, Student Arrested for ASSAULT

At what point does being a teacher stop and self defense begin? This student who admittedly is a behavior problem by her family has probably been disrespectful to this teacher and finally pushed her over the edge. Not to excuse the teacher for fighting with this student but we all have our breaking point. If the teacher has a stellar record thus far then she should face minimal discipline for this incident and go through some type of retraining and be transferred to another school.

via The Root

Baltimore City teacher has been placed on administrative leave, and a female student has been charged with assault, after a classroom incident involving a cellphone turned violent and the bulk of it was caught on tape.


According to WBAL, the fight began at Carver Vocational High School in West Baltimore on Friday after the teacher asked the 17-year-old senior to leave because she was talking on her cellphone in class. In the video the student can be seen leaving the class and pushing a chair in the direction of the teacher. The student also throws something across the teacher’s desk in the teacher’s direction.

Outside the classroom, the student throws a notebook at the teacher and the teacher can be seen charging the student. A male student attempts to break it up, but the teacher can be heard on tape yelling, “I’ll kill you up in here [expletive]; what the [expletive] you think this is,” she says.


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