Is Reality TV Negatively Affecting The Modern Woman

The question goes without saying…Is all of this ratchet programming programming women to be more ratchet? Blogger Elven8 tackles one of the most heavily debated topics in the blogosphere right now. 
via BallerAlert
There’s Basketball Wives, Bad Girls Club, Love and Hip Hop and Real Housewives. All of these shows make light of women’s more abrasive characteristics. The scratching, hair pulling and vulgarity is what makes for great television. Undoubtedly the people are right, this IS great television, but is it affecting us as women subconsciously?

 Let’s think about it shall we? Have you ever found yourself more likely to pop off at any given second than you normally would be? Have you become numb to fights and arguments to the point where they rarely shock you anymore? Do you find yourself attracted to more drama than usual? Is your life more sexually charged than it had been in the past? You’ve probably living the after effects of too much reality tv.

Of course we’re not children and we control our own actions. We shouldn’t be as impressionable as we are but that hasn’t stopped the influx of Worldstar Hip Hop fight videos, now has it? But since the introduction of Basketball Wives Ive seen a lot more women showing their “Tami Roman” or “Evelyn Lozada” side yet even Tami and Evelyn have grown too old and tired for the mess. Then thanks to social media, people are clapping back more than ever. We see some of our favorite public figures/celebs like K. Michelle and any other member of the Love & Hip Hop brand. Not to say that this hasn’t always been a part of them but we now find it more socially acceptable to act like this in public. More women are acting less like a nun and becoming a Natalie Nunn. The activity that was once “taboo” for women has been put on full display and we’re perfectly okay with it. Long gone are the times of acting like a lady.
In the way that our television is going, women will probably evolve to be something very dangerous soon. It may be a good thing, it may be a bad thing. Maybe we’re finally allowing ourselves to open up and be who we really are or maybe we’re acting out for attention. Either way, I think it’s safe to say that television plays a part in how we act day to day, even though we’re adults and no longer young influential children. It’s highly possible that these changes are happening subconsciously and if so, that’s pretty scary.

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