Microchip enables emotional response in robots, electronic devices…


One of the main barriers that distanced the advancement of machines on humans was the inability of machines to register emotion and “genuine” response. By the looks of things, with the introduction of this microchip, that’s about to change 

— EMOSHAPE (www.emospark.com) has announced the launch of a major technology breakthrough with an EPU (emotional processing unit); a patent pending technology which creates a synthesised emotional response in machines. This represents a significant advancement in the field of artificial intelligence devices and technologies.

Based on the 8 primary emotions identified by Robert Plutchik’s psycho-evolutionary theory, the ground-breaking EPU algorithms effectively enable machines to respond to stimuli in line with one of the 8 primary emotions – anger, fear, sadness, disgust, surprise, anticipation, trust, and joy. This video demonstrates how the EPU empowers machines with empathy: http://youtu.be/nMRjSijBsLc

This is the first time that the science and technology industry has empowered machines to respond with human emotions, which is set to deliver a yet undiscovered level of user experience between people and emotionally enabled technology.

Patrick Levy Rosenthal CEO of Emoshape said: “How can any inanimate object interact with humans and learn how to please them without empathy? The EPU advancement represents a step change for the future of technological goods such as smartphones, computers, toys, medicine, finance and robotics.”

The US and London-based company is now set to launch the production of their first A.I. home console in time for Christmas 2014. The company is also seeking private investment to help roll out mass production of the EmoSPARK cube. Emoshape has now opened up its capital to investors via fundable.com (http://fundable.com/emoshape-lic).

The EmoSPARK cube can fit in the palm of the hand with a purpose of being a digital friend. It monitors a person’s facial expressions and emotions by capturing images through an external camera. The images are then processed until the cube can recognise who the person using it is, and their relationship to others. It will monitor users’ responses to the world around them with a focus on the user’s reaction to music.

EmoSPARK will learn what is liked and what isn’t liked by using seven emotions to create a personal map of the user’s personality. It can track joy, sadness, disgust, fear, anger, trust, anticipation and surprise.

About Emoshape

Founded in 2014 and privately funded, Emoshape is dedicated to providing powerful and easy-to-use emotional technologies. Emoshape is a company associated with evolutionary technology that will realise people’s dreams.

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