Headset uses brainwaves to record dreams


new technology is being developed to retrieve your ‘dreams’ from your subconscious and splash it on the screen, much to the effect of what we perceive when we view film on the silver screen…check the technique 

via DailyMail.co.uk

If you have woken up from a vivid dream, only to forget what it was about, you might want a dream recorder.

While such a consumer device may be years away, researchers have created a system that uses a biosensor headset to edit moving images shown on a screen according to changes in an individual’s brain activity.

The film that’s created is a visual record of a wearer’s subconscious mind, giving them a glimpse into the dream world.

Manchester-based animator Richard Ramchurn came up with the idea for the #scanners cinema experience, which allows everyone to watch a film differently.

In its initial format, his setup allows a single user to manipulate a digital art installation.

‘Narratives and layers can be built that are all governed by the user’s concentration and meditation levels. Edit points can be created by monitoring the users blinking.

‘The audience can project their feelings onto the film that they are seeing, the film they watch will have a series of overlapping structures that they can interact with and/or disregard,’ he wrote onKickstarter, which he used to raise funds for the project.


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