Female NYPD Officers Under Fire For Sexy Instagram Pics

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Social Media has invaded every segment of society and the NYPD seems to have a serious problem with their officers posting selfies with their uniforms on:

via Daily Mail

In a statement in response to the probe, John J. McCarthy, NYPD Deputy Commissioner, said: ‘Members of the Police Department are prohibited from posting photographs of themselves in uniform without the prior authorization.
‘This does not include photographs taken during official department ceremonies. This directive is in compliance with the New York City Social Media Policy and is in part intended to protect officers from divulging identifying information on social media sites that may endanger officer safety.

Breach of these guidelines can result in harsh disciplinary action including termination. However sources told the Daily News that the female officers involved could lose 10 days vacation.

A group of female NYPD officers are facing disciplinary action after photos of them in uniform were posted on sexy Instagram account.
The policewomen posted photos of themselves posing away from work alongside images of them wearing their badges – allegedly violating the department’s social media policy.

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The collection of shots, which have appeared alongside other officers from around the country, are then turning up on sites such as Blueline Beauties which describes itself as being: ‘Dedicated to Law Enforcement Women’.

Those who want to be featured on the profile have to send in their pictures.
One of officers had a Santa badge pinned above her suit with an accompanying snap of her wearing a tiny black dress, showing off a tattoo on her thigh.

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Another took a selfie while wearing uniform and sent it in along with a shot flaunting her cleavage and another pursing her lips while preparing for a night out.
The New York Daily News reported that cops are not allowed to take photos of themselves in uniform and post them online unless they are at official ceremonies.



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