Sony Pictures Exec. Amy Pascal Begs Public Not To Read Racist Emails

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This is a fascinating story that I hope you guys are paying attention to because this is just the beginning of impending cyber warfare against corporations the world over. They have made their demands known and will continue to pull off the veil of these multi-national corporations who have wielded unbridled power for far too long. I got my popcorn. Lastly, I hope that Amy wakes up and realizes that Al Sharpton’s influence is waning and doesn’t speak for us. Burn Hollywood burn.

DEADLINE: Did you apologize to the president?
PASCAL: I don’t know Barack Obama. I worked really hard for him in both of his campaigns. I am inspired by him. I…I’m embarrassed, deeply.

DEADLINE: Rev. Al Sharpton just came out with a statement highly critical of your comment. How do you react to that?
PASCAL: I know I screwed up. So I called him and we spoke. And we are going to try to use this as an opportunity to make things better.


DEADLINE: Can you describe what it’s like to find yourself under siege, having to apologize for private e-mail thoughts dug up by these hackers?
PASCAL: I’m not a victim here. I’m going to be fine. It’s really hard on our employees. Their Social Security numbers are on display, there are potential identity theft issues. None of them deserved this. No one deserves this.

DEADLINE: You’ve run a studio for a long time, and you feel you understand the media and suddenly you find your old e-mails served up salaciously. What’s going through your mind in relation to what’s happening to you, and your studio?
PASCAL: That what this is, really is, is a crime. It’s stolen property. They’re stealing private property. It’s hard to believe what has gone on. I don’t want to say anything bad about journalists to you Mike, but it’s hard to swallow that otherwise reputable outlets are trafficking in this. I’m shocked. It’s like having someone go through your trash and talk about what they found.


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