[video] 45 Black Men Respond to the word ‘Police’

So when are they gonna do one with police officers asking them about their true feeling towards black people and black men in particular? Police depts. across the country are being exposed in recently released reports, as using racial profiling in their policing of urban communities which is old news in itself.

Black Men and to a small lesser extent black women are the victims of police brutality and this video while it may have had good intentions from the producers, basically let’s police officers off the hook. We need to ask officers if they have hidden biases or are pressured from police brass to arrest black men at a higher rate than any other group in this country. Lastly, why are black men being gunned down by police at an alarming rate by white police officers if when it is discovered that they have no weapon.

I would love to ask the producers of this video if they would of used any black men who were more radical in their thoughts on police because this was definitely a sanitized version with predictable answers.


Sound Off!!

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