[video] ‘Are Black Women ONLY Submissive To White Men?’ Video Sparks Outrage (FIXED)

This was released at least a year ago but has suddenly caught fire the past couple of days on Facebook and has ignited a serious discussion. There is no context as to who made the video and it may very well be a video made to further divide black men and women. I have seen Facebook topics “Why Do Black men Hate Black Women?” and vice versa and it caused nothing but nasty exchanges in the comment sections.

The fact the video bases it conclusions on broad generalizations and does not dig deeper into black relationships historically shows it was trolling at it finest. The word ‘submissive’ will always cause an uproar when discussing relationships between men and women, and especially in the black community where black women have been the heads of households for decades. But we cannot ignore the brutal policies of slavery, jim crow, and the prison industrial complex effect on the black man and his ability to head his family. To ignore those objective truths in this conversation and is trolling at its ‘finest’. If you have any thoughts on the subject be sure to leave your comments below.

Sound Off!!

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