[audio] Get Paid – Vince Staples feat. Desi Mo


Vince has been building quite the buzz for himself in these last few weeks leading up to the release of his debut album Summertime ’06. Along with the recent slew of interviews and show appearances, it was revealed just a little over a week ago that he was one of the 10 artists chosen for the ’15 XXL Freshman Class. Last night, he decided to add a little more fuel to the fire by hitting fans with the surprise release of his new single “Get Paid,” which features supporting vocals from Long Beach femcee, Desi Mo.

My view of this record is that while it’s no secret that Vince encourages others to “Get to the Check,” the message here should not be simply written off as another get-your-money-by-any-means hustler anthem, rather it should be looked at within the context of the album. With that said, here is my personal interpretation of it as a stand-alone track:

In his second verse, Vince wraps up the song with the following line, “Money puttin’ n***** in the Matrix, face it…”, as if to say many of the activities in which some people in his community, and urban communities at large engage in are direct symptoms of “being in the Matrix” where “money is the means of control,” as noted by Desi in the outro. This, I feel, is the overall theme.

As for the song itself, my only critique is that the latter portion of the hook was not executed very well. Vince’s delivery was kind of boring, which made it more monotonous than catchy, in my opinion. This, however, does not take too much away from the song for me. June 30th can’t come soon enough.

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