[video] Rapper Lil Herb Details Spending $50,000 on Lean/Codeine

Dirty Sprite.

From heroin to prescription medication, drugs have remained a prevalent issue in the Midwestern city of Chicago, Illinois. Just ask Lil Herb, who has admittedly indulged in lean for years. “I was in it for the taste, for the way it make you feel – all types of s***,” the 19-year-old tells us in the clip.

The young Herbert Wright began heavily sipping syrup at just 15-years-old. During the interview, the “I’m Rollin” lyricist recalls spending thousands a week on the habit, which he quit using nearly two months ago. “Two months ago I just paid $1800 for an eight of Actavis [cough syrup],” he remembers. “I ran through it in two days, three max.” All in all, Lil Herb claims he’s spent someone’s salary on the promethazine/codeine medication. “I know I done spent 50,000 on this s***,” he says.

Today, the rising Chicago star is strictly “pro-cannabis,” and is currently taking courses to receive his high school diploma. “I could’ve graduated high school if I stuck with it,” the former spelling bee champ tells us. Unfortunately for him, Lil Herb began his decline towards middle school, taking to the streets instead of his schoolbooks. “I was in the streets and rapping. I didn’t know rap was gonna change my life,” he expresses.

Press play to hear more about his upbringing, his past relationship with A$AP Yams, and his thoughts on writing down and freestyling bars in this compelling exclusive.

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