[video] Guy Demolishes 2 Police Cars in Stolen Truck….and Gets Away

So this white guy runs over two police cars like a Monster Truck show and the only thing the police officers do is pull out pepper spray and metal night sticks? You guys tell me if he was black would he would of been able to drive away or would he would of been shot dead?

Crazy night! This was taken on a small Island called Saltspring Island. Usually a very quiet place. The guy gets pepper sprayed like its no big deal, drives into cop cars and drives away.

Ok here is the full story..via Huff Post Canada

A B.C. RCMP officer on Salt Spring Island was injured after a man tried to avoid a checkstop for impaired driving early Sunday.

The suspect, who was driving an SUV, rammed a parked police car and then a second cruiser that was trying to box it in, said a police news release. Kyle Matheson posted dramatic Facebook video (watch above) of officers breaking the driver’s window to try and stop the vehicle, but it continues to smash into the two police cars.
The suspect managed to drive away, but crashed upside down in a ditch a short distance away.

Inside the SUV, the man then armed himself with an axe and tried to use a lighter to start a fire, said RCMP. A firefighter who recognized the man managed to convince him to give up the weapon.

After several hours, the man “was forced” from the SUV and, under the Mental Health Act, taken to the hospital for assessment, said police.

A constable who was in the first police cruiser suffered neck and back injuries. He has been treated and released but is expected to be off-duty for a while.

Police said the suspect’s SUV was stolen, and that mental health factors may have played a role in the incident. The investigation is ongoing and charges are pending.

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