“WelvenDagreat” Announces Video Game: Got Emm!

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Can’t knock this guys hustle. As was so eloquently stated when I saw this posted on IG, he has officially turned his 15 minutes into an hour. More pics from the game after the cut..

“WelvenDagreat” Announces Video Game: Got Emm!

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After making an impact on the world through his viral videos and contagious personality, internet sensation “WelvenDagreat” announces his own mobile gaming application to his 1,250,000 Instagram followers. That’s right, Welven has over 1 Million followers on Instagram with more celebrity followers than anyone on the internet. He has over 5.7 million likes, his fans have engaged with more than a million comments! Who’s laughing now??? This is a great true all American story.

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“Got Emm” is a continuous running game that follows Welven through his favorite cities; Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Miami. During his journey the young character is faced with familiar obstacles while collecting his infamous “Nuts”.

Yes, you may have played running games before, but now you can laugh to your favorite Welven taglines while playing!

Earn or Buy coins to beat your friends!

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The game features his authentic tag lines; “who aint got no b*tches”, “Got’emm”, and “Deez Nutz!” which have been parodied by numerous comedy legends including Kevin Hart and Martin Lawrence.

Beyond just being incredibly entertaining, his game is designed to help improve hand eye coordination in youth and adults and serves a deeper purpose. With easy swipe and tilt controls the user is able to maneuver “WelvenDagreat” through his 3D world and competing with other users on the game center. “Got Emm” is available on itunes and google. Got Emm! This is the beginning of this game, there may be more updates and in game add ons to come! You’ll just have to play to find out.


[video] Penis Power

Words of wisdom from Alexyss K Tylor.

Alexyss K. Tylor is the author of Spiritual Sexuality Vagina Power, as well as the talk show host for Vagina Power!!! She talks about spiritual sexuality vagina power, penis power, sperm power. So many women are used, abused and really misunderstand the power of sex and the beauty of the vagina. We are a sacred temple of divine creation and she is very honored to be a woman and so honored by the women that want to learn about the power of your body. Alexyss teaches about sex chakras, the auric field and how to use them to reach ultimate orgasms.

[video] “60 Minutes” test-rides Mercedes-Benz self-driving car

This is definitely coming. But on a sidenote because I really can’t tell, somebody please ask Charlie Rose “Whaaaaaat are those?”

As Google’s driverless cars have logged more then a million miles in the past six years, the rest of the auto industry is racing to keep up. Computer scientist Ralf Herrtwich hits the road with “60 Minutes” correspondent Bill Whitaker to demonstrate Mercedes-Benz’s most advanced self-driving prototype. Watch the full story Sunday on “60 Minutes.”

[video] IP MAN 3 (Teaser Trailer) Donnie Yen & Mike Tyson

Must see.

Ip Man 3 is an upcoming Hong Kong biographical martial arts film directed by Wilson Yip, produced by Raymond Wong and written by Edmond Wong. It is the third in the Ip Man film series based on the life of the Wing Chun grandmaster Yip Man, and features Donnie Yen reprising the title role. The film will also star Mike Tyson, and Yip Man’s pupil Bruce Lee, recreated through CGI. Principal photography commenced in March 2015. The film will be released in Hong Kong on December 24, 2015.

[video] David Banner: Whites Are Getting More Lyrical & We’re Mumbling

“For the first time in my life, Smallz, I’m proud. Like, I’m proud of myself, dude.”

For some time now, fans of David Banner have been anxiously awaiting his album “The God Box,” especially after the year he’s had on social media. In the past few months we’ve watched as Banner explained what needs to be done in hip-hop for the Black community while also addressing the plight of police brutality. With “The God Box, ” David Banner wants to make sure he covers every topic that should be addressed, which is why he feels it’s “one of the best hip-hop albums ever.”

While trying to shorten the number of tracks on “The God Box” to 13 (because he’s “always been spiritually connected to the number”), the rapping activist is also making note of the changes being made in the hip-hop genre. “We gotta push hip-hop to another level ’cause I’m even watching lyrically – the White boys are getting more and more lyrical and we[‘re] basically mumbling,” David expresses. For that reason, he’s not “just not gon[na] throw some s*** together.” “I’ll push it all the way back. Or pull a Dr. Dre before I put some bulls*** out,” he tells DJ Smallz. “Ima be honest with you, I’m trying to do like Akon doing. Like, I’m trying to provide energy and water – I’m trying to change the situation of Black people globally. This music s*** ain’t nothing but words and beats.”
Catch David Banner speak about the current state of hip-hop, his achievements in life and more in this DJ Smallz Eyes’ exclusive.

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