Nate Parker scores $17.5 million for Nat Turner Slave Rebellion movie at Sundance

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Somebody get Stacy Dash on the phone.

via Hollywood Reporter

Birth came to Sundance with big expectations, with many major buyers seeing it as an Oscar contender, especially given the controversy surrounding the past two years of #OscarsSoWhite hashtags. Parker, 36, quit acting for two years to realize the passion project that he wrote, produced, directed and toplined. He put in $100,000 of his own money to fly around the country to talk to anyone who might want to finance it. A dozen investor groups — which included former NBA player Michael Finley and San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker — cobbled together the film’s $10 million budget.

Just as the world-premiere Sundance Film Festival screening of The Birth of a Nation was about to end on Monday, filmmaker and star Nate Parker snuck out of the Eccles Center theater and into a side room.

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[video] Oregon Militia has shoot-out with FBI, 1 Killed ; Ammon Bundy Arrested

I guess these guys were really bout that life.

via CNN
Authorities arrested Ammon Bundy, leader of the armed protesters who took over a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon, and several of his followers in a traffic stop Tuesday, officials said.

One of the occupiers — LaVoy Finicum — was killed during the arrest, a law enforcement official said.

The official said when two vehicles were stopped, everyone obeyed orders to surrender except for two people: Finicum and Bundy’s brother, Ryan Bundy.

Shots were fired, but it’s not known who fired first, the official said. The official said Ryan Bundy was injured.
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[video] Alex Jones interviews Minister Louis Farrakhan

Alex Jones sits down with the Minister for an in depth interview about the state of America and the world at large.

In an exclusive interview, Alex Jones and Minister Louis Farrakhan bulldoze the hollow barriers of race and religion, and create a dialogue to merge the divide on the ultimate path to truth. If we exacerbate the separation of humanity, we allow the globalist’s tactic of divide & conquer to defeat us all. The time has come to look beyond our petty differences and strengthen the fight for freedom in this exceedingly authoritarian nation.

[video] How Despised Pharma Exec Martin Shkreli Became a YouTube Star

This douche refuses to go away.

Martin Shkreli is probably best known for acquiring the license to manufacture an old drug used to treat HIV patients and then raising the price 5,000 percent. But he also live-streams his life on the Internet. In this video, Bloomberg tries to get to the bottom of why Martin Shkreli is posting his every move on the Web. (Video by Jed Rosenberg)

[video] Judge Joe Brown: James Earl Ray Didn’t Assassinate Martin Luther King Jr.


This year will mark the 48th-year anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination, and as the last judge presiding over alleged shooter, James Earl Ray’s case, Judge Joe Brown still believes “he didn’t kill him.” In an interview with DJ Vlad, the honorable judge says he didn’t believe Ray was the gunman despite pleading guilty. Brown said, Ray denied the murder but plead guilty because he felt it was in his best interest under the circumstances given. “He said, ‘I never said I killed King, I didn’t kill him. I’m pleading because of Alford.'”



[video] Maine Governor warns that D-Money is Selling Drugs and Impregnating Young White Girls in Maine

Racism or nah? Regardless D-Money better watch out, he got a gang of white men on his case now.

Maine Republican Gov. Paul LePage told a town hall audience on Wednesday that heroin use is resulting in white women being impregnated by out-of-state drug dealers named “D-Money.”

LePage was asked by an attendee what he was doing to curb the heroin epidemic in his state. “The traffickers—these aren’t people that take drugs,” he explained. (You can watch the exchange beginning at the 1:55:00 mark.) “These are guys with that are named D-Money, Smoothie, Shifty, these types of guys, that come from Connecticut and New York, they come up here, they sell their heroin, then they go back home. Incidentally, half the time they impregnate a young, white girl before they leave, which is a real sad thing because then we have another issue we that we’ve go to deal with down the road.”

State legislators may attempt to impeach the governor as early as next week, over charges that he threatened to block funding from a charter school if it hired a political rival.

Update: LePage says his comments have nothing to do with race:




[audio] Good Mourning Black America – Add-2

This is not exactly a new song, but still post-worthy, nonetheless. I’m not sure what type of following Add-2 has — all I know is, you all might want to get acquainted with the Jamla signee. I fortuitously stumbled upon him around the time he put out the “Death of Chicago” video which led me to his “Between Heaven & Hell” project and I’ve been a fan ever since.

This particular track is off of his debut album “Prey for the Poor” and is available now. I’ll definitely be supporting it.

[video] Group Of Armed Men Takeover Building In Oregon

There are so many variables here in this story. How this ends up will shed a light on tyranny, white supremacy, and how our rulers in this country handle these angry white men who have taken up arms and are ready to die for what they believe in. Black Lives Matter who have similar themes in their messages when in comes to our government are labelled as troublemakers, terrorists, and non patriotic. So far these guys have been treated with kid gloves and may have some strong points about our government but we can see a stark difference in how they are treated in the media.

A group of armed men have taken over a building in the Malheur Natural Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. They are calling on “patriots” to join them.

[video] Eddie Griffin On Bill Cosby: Black Male Stars Don’t Leave This Business Clean

This was obviously filmed before Bill Cosby was formally charged with sexual assault.

During our hilarious – albeit serious – interview with comedian Eddie Griffin, the established Hollywood actor decided to share tales of his personal bouts with both Bill Cosby and Michael Jackson. Griffin was (and continues to be) a supporter of the two men who have faced an onslaught of ridicule for sexual allegations in numerous separate cases. “There is a systematic effort to destroy every Black male entertainer’s image,” Eddie told DJ Vlad. “They want all of us to have an asterisk by our name.” Griffin believes, like Michael and Bill, that most African-American male entertainers are singled out for their illicit behavior. “Nobody leaves this business clean,” he stated while pointing out the cases of others. “You’re not going to die clean.”