[video] Los Angeles Car Chase Suspects , Take Selfies, Do Doughnuts, & hit TMZ Bus

These dudes were definitely on one.

On Sunset, with no police behind them, the driver began doing doughnuts in the middle of the street, spinning across all lanes of traffic and forcing other cars to stop. The car then moved onto Hollywood Boulevard, where countless tourists got to see the Mustang drive against traffic by the TCL Chinese Theatre and Hollywood Walk of Fame.

From there, it was up to the Hollywood Hills, where the Mustang drove into opposite lanes around blind curves, narrowly missing oncoming traffic, and fishtailed on rain-slick roads.

Without any vehicles close behind, the driver drove back through Hollywood’s tourist district and onto the freeway, where it was almost trapped by a TMZ tour bus that cut off its path as it tried to split two lanes.


Sound Off!!

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