DJ Envy is an agent of the white supremacist corporate power structure by Byron Crawford


So DJ Envy wants to get guns off the street but has said nothing about getting guns outta Hip Hop.😐

via Byron Crawford

Yesterday, in one of the sadder non-Peter Rosenberg-related moments in the history of black radio, DJ Envy of Power 105’s the Breakfast Club tried to make a case for stop and frisk—this while more or less unarmed black men are still being shot and killed by the police on the reg.

You can tell these remarks weren’t off the cuff, because Envy, Charlamagne tha God, et al. were citing statistics that they couldn’t have just pulled out of their asses. Like the fact that in the last year of stop and frisk NYPD confiscated 890 illegal guns. Since they’ve gotten rid of stop and frisk, they’ve only found like 200. But as Angela Yee pointed out, it’s not like there’s been a huge increase in shootings.

Byron Crawford

Yee and Charlamagne took the opposite position, that stop and frisk served no purpose other than to funnel more and more black men into the prison-industrial complex, but it was obvious they were all just reading from a script and that any of them could have argued either side of the issue, as the TIs saw fit.

Speaking of which, whoever came up with this bit may have felt it was best that Envy argue in favor of stop and frisk because he’s a known cornball brother and lightskinted to the point where 5-0 might not bother harassing him, thinking he’s a cracka-ass cracka.

Charlamagne tha God, on the other hand, is still a shade darker than a brown paper bag, thus precluding him from entrance to some HBCUs, despite having undergone skin-bleaching treatments.

Plus, it’s a known fact that he was in and out of the joint down in South Carolina, sometimes locked up with his own father, this having been discussed in the article in the New York Times in which it was revealed that some aspects of his bio are fabricated, like he might be trying to hide something…

There isn’t a white (on-air) member of the Breakfast Club, because the show is purposely coded as the black hip-hop morning show, complete with ads for hair weave and interviews with comedians so obscure even people at the BET Awards have no idea who they are, in an attempt to differentiate it from Hot 97’s morning show, which doesn’t have a legit, according to Hoyle black person among its ranks—by design. It’s a new kind of hip-hop morning show for a new kind of New York, where all of the black people are either in jail or moved somewhere where they can afford the rent.

The Breakfast Club, which is syndicated to numerous other cities and also via the iHeartRadio app, caters to a black demographic, but it promotes a white racist agenda. Hence, for example, the heavily scripted interview with Hillary Clinton in which she claimed to always travel with a bottle of hot sauce in her purse. Does she not know that the new hoodrat maneuver, since at least as far back as the mid ’00s, when I saw it on an episode of MTV’s True Life, is to travel with an economy-size bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch in your purse? No wonder there’s reportedly an enthusiasm gap amongst her black supporter.

Yesterday’s bit on stop and frisk must be part of a new initiative to promote backwards political views at times when they can’t get a white politician in the studio. With the presidential election entering into its past few weeks, Hillary Clinton has better places to be than Power 105. And she can’t be too many places period, both because she doesn’t want to talk to the press about the many crimes she’s committed and because she could die from over exertion. Bill de Blasio is a regular guest on Hot 97’s morning show, but I guess that would preclude him from also being on Power 105. He might get blackballed by Peter Rosenberg.

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