STAND UP OR STAND DOWN: The Webolution Will Not Be Televised

11124895_10100235904896954_608395269_nby @BluePillar44

On Wednesday April 29, while exercising my “rights” as press, my coverage of the NYC Freddie Gray Rally resulted in me being accosted/kidnapped/illegally detained by the para military occupying force that you refer to as the NYPD.  I was doing nothing more than documenting their Gestapo tactics, in this case which were telling peaceful protesters that they no longer had the right to exercise their right to free assembly and freedom of speech. The parallels are staggering, check this out, as a result of the work that the gunman from Baltimore put in December resulting in the death of two cops in Brooklyn, there has been a reconstruction of the statues/ordinances/codes that pertain to how people in this city are “allowed” to protest.

Protest, in it’s essence should not be about consent, first and foremost. What is the point of making your words heard and your action felt, if you are being told what the acceptable decibel is that your pitch can be heard at, or what is the acceptable motion that the herd can be herded in? While the majority of people in this city sip tea and point fingers, De Blasio‘s powers have been usurped by a villainous treasonous para military organization who are doing the bidding of their task masters who have declared war on your basic liberties, and this diatribe is for those who still think that they are “citizens” of a democratic society.

When basic liberties are usurped and non violent civil disobedience is met with the force reserved for full scale escalations, then NO ONE is safe. Safety is an illusion when your fellow man is denied the basic rights of existence, and one of the paramount tenets of existence is your ability to be heard, on your own terms.

For those of us who know that NYC is a municipality, a corporation, deriving from municipium, a Latin word that “derives from the Latin social contract “municipium”, meaning duty holders, referring to the Latin communities that supplied Rome with troops in exchange for their own incorporation into the Roman state (granting Roman citizenship to the inhabitants) SOURCE: Wikipedia, we KNOW that none of these codes, ordinances, or statutes are lawfully binding and this in fact is not a Democratic society or even Government in the sense of how we collectively identify the word.municipality

Please refer to last Friday’s KTLRADIO show we did called “The People vs Ferguson, Inc.” where we laid out in detail how these corporations are using the “people” for personal profit while usurping folks basic inalienable rights. There is no other glaring exposure of this practice at our disposal, than the Fed’s report on Ferguson. Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Brooklyn drug gang’s YouTube hip-hop videos can be used in trial, judge rules

“Hustler’s Anthem” is a music video by Together Forever Mafia.

“Hustler’s Anthem” is a music video by Together Forever Mafia.

Dumb rappers need teaching. It seems like freedom of speech is tossed out the window when it comes to rappers who get in serious trouble with the law. The fact that they are using their own music videos against shows that you can be keeping it too real. If you are in the underworld it seems utterly idiotic to then put dramatizations of your crimes in a music video.

via NY Daily News

Prosecutors can use YouTube music videos made by the leaders of a Brooklyn drug gang called Together Forever Mafia against them at their upcoming racketeering trial, a federal judge ruled Friday.

The TF Mafia videos on YouTube include titles such as “Smell Murder,” “Hustler Anthem,” “TF Mafia — My Mobb” and “Brooklyn Zoo — Boo,” according to court papers.
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This Is Probably The Most High-Tech Cemetery In the World

This Is Probably The Most High-Tech Cemetery In the World

How you spent your life and where you spent it is one thing, but your final resting place should be as ceremonious as possible. Your place of internment should be in line with your personal beliefs and it should serve as a spiritual sanctuary. With the passing of cultural icons, such as Dr. Ben the issue of the “home going” ceremony and “burial rites” are at the forefront of people’s mind. This temple built in Japan, utilizing smart technology is just a small indicator of what the possibilities can be for a forward thinking demographic, who know that mortality is a major issue, and death is inevitable.

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Anonymous’s ‘Electronic Holocaust’ Against Israel Falls Flat

Anonymous Israel Palestine
The masked figure from Anonymous delivers a statement warning of an “Electronic Holocaust” against Israel. YouTube screengrab
Me personally, I have always been skeptical of Anonymous and their inability as of lately to carry out their grandiose threats. As disruptive as they appear to be you never see them being declared a “terrorist” group nor do you concerted united efforts to bring them down. By the looks of things though, instead of banging on Israel, they need to do some recruiting there, because once again the Israelis have curved an attempt by outside forces to bring them to their knees, thus reaffirming my long held notion that these dudes are the biggest cyber bullies on campus.

NASA: We’ll find alien life in 10 to 20 years

From the same folks who brought you “The Earth is Flat” and “We Discovered America” now they are making estimations about exactly when they will make “contact” with alien life forms, but they’re not talking about upwardly mobile life forms, nah they are more so making coy references to microbes, the building blocks of organisms. To my understanding though, microbes come intact with meteorites and other space junk that falls to Earth. And it is pretty pretentious of them to think that any intelligent life form would want to share a square inch of co habitable space with these planetary war mongers. I think it is only a matter of time before there space hall pass gets revoked.

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Costco to Offer Wholesale Marijuana by Summer

It takes a village to blaze a pound? This is a power move on the part of the tribes, they are using warehouser COSTCO as their personal dispensary…wonder how many people are gonna be relocating to Washington once they figure out how to stretch this ‘stimulus’ package.
via kitsapreport
REDMOND WA- Kirkland based wholesale megastore Costco has announced plans to offer bulk high grade marijuana under their flagship Kirkland Signature brand in all 237 Washington locations. The marijuana will be exclusively purchased from the Suquamish Tribe, which is currently awaiting federal approval to begin production on. Tribal gaming commissioners met with Costco executives more than 3 months ago to work on a tentative deal. Kirkland signature hopes to add marijuana to its laundry list of goods including baby clothes, shampoo and dad shoes by the end of June.

Nearly 36 million people are slaves, Qatar in focus

A Tuareg child pushes away a Bella girl (L) at a camp for Malian refugees in Goudebou, Burkina Faso, April 5, 2014. Half a million people fled the conflict in Mali, some crossing the border to neighbouring Burkina Faso. Fleeing Tuaregs took with them their livestock and servants from the Bella ethnic group, a marginalised people who for centuries have been kept in slave-like conditions throughout Mali, Niger and Mauritania. To match story MALI-SLAVES/ Picture taken April 5, 2014. REUTERS/Misha Hussain (BURKINA FASO - Tags: SOCIETY IMMIGRATION TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)

Reuters/REUTERS – A Tuareg child pushes away a Bella girl (L) at a camp for Malian refugees in Goudebou, Burkina Faso, April 5, 2014. Half a million people fled the conflict in Mali, some crossing the border to neighbouring Burkina Faso. Fleeing Tuaregs took with them their livestock and servants from the Bella ethnic group, a marginalised people who for centuries have been kept in slave-like conditions throughout Mali, Niger and Mauritania. To match story MALI-SLAVES/ Picture taken April 5, 2014. REUTERS/Misha Hussain (BURKINA FASO – Tags: SOCIETY IMMIGRATION TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Almost 36 million people are living as slaves across the globe with an index on Monday listing Mauritania, Uzbekistan, Haiti, Qatar and India as the nations where modern-day slavery is most prevalent.

The Walk Free Foundation, an Australian-based human rights group, estimated in its inaugural slavery index last year that 29.8 million people were born into servitude, trafficked for sex work, trapped in debt bondage or exploited for forced labour.

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Telepathy is now possible using current technology

Send out those brain signals!Mary Levin, U of Wash.
 via VOX
while critics of social media complain that human communication is becoming more strained by computers and smart phones, and advocates for technology argue that these devices are actually improving communication, along comes the scientist who claim to have successfully demonstrated observing the phenomena of telepathy in a controlled environment. Will this be the future of human interaction and communication? 

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What happens when your friend’s smartphone can tell that you’re lying?


via WashPost

In just a few weeks, the next installment of “The Hunger Games” will arrive in movie theaters. The latest in a long line of films to depict a future all-knowing or controlling government — think “1984” or “Minority Report” — the dystopian tale will likely be a runaway hit. But the power to seem all-knowing – or at least know more than do now – may soon lie in technology that’s already in the palm of your hand.

We are nearing a point where our smartphones will be able to recognize a face or voice, in real life or on-screen. And identification is only the most basic of the possibilities. Many app-makers are experimenting with software that can also analyze – able to determine someone’s emotions or honesty just by a few facial cues.
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Brazil’s new primetime show “Sex and the Niggaz” serves the white gaze

Racism in Brazil is a topic that receives a blind eye…it is sewed into the fabric of society and nobody seems to notice the stitching but after this reality show exploded on the scene the complexities of race & complexion are at the forefront of a national discussion gripping the nation. Below is a blog by some Brazilian feminist taking the producer/creator of this show to task and unmasking Brazil’s hidden prejudices.
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Last Dance for the Playboy King of Swaziland?

Photo of young women during the reed dance.

Some of the estimated 30,000 young women participating in the annual Umhlanga ceremony, or Reed Dance, sing as they wait to present their reeds to King Mswati III in 2012.


Jonathan W. Rosen

for National Geographic


LOBAMBA, Swaziland—It’s fast approaching dusk at the Ludzidzini Royal Compound when King Mswati III makes his long-awaited entrance.


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While the validity of this study will be highly contested, ask yourself do you know someone who needs a joint to jumpstart their day like a cup of caffeine? Chances are that person has an addiction, whether mild or full blown…they are reliant on something outside of themselves to make themselves feel complete, so maybe we should be asking just exactly what defines “addiction?” 

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Rolls-Royce to add ‘robotic’ chauffeur

Rolls-Royce says it is being forced to create electric cars, like its 102EX concept (pictured), that its customers don't wantRolls-Royce says it is being forced to create electric cars, like its 102EX concept (pictured), that its customers don’t want

Rolls-Royce is set to join the race to delete the driver – and the chauffeur too.

The iconic British luxury car maker is looking to its parent company, BMW, to adopt autonomous driving technologies before the end of the decade.

“But we have already autonomous driving – we have chauffeurs,” joked Rolls-Royce boss Torsten Muller-Otvos while speaking to Drive at the Paris motor show last week.

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This up close and personal expose sheds light on one of the darkest blocks in NYC. When night falls in Harlem, USA Lexington Avenue becomes home to what some might refer to as the “Walking Dead.” The videographer brings this slice of life alive with his Canon 7D HD camera, giving you a peep into a world seldom seen. Viewer Discretion is advised.



via Futurity

U. QUEENSLAND (AUS) — Melanin—the pigment that colors squid ink—may someday power a new generation of biologically friendly electronic devices.

The researchers say the potential applications include medical sensors and tissue stimulation treatments.

Led by Professor Paul Meredith and Associate Professor Ben Powell at the University of Queensland, an international team of scientists has published a study that offers new insight into the electrical properties of the pigment and its biologically compatible “bioelectronic” features.

“Semiconductors are arguably the most important modern day high-tech material—they drive all modern electronics,” says Meredith.

“The majority of semiconductors are made from inorganic elements or compounds such as silicon or gallium arsenide.”

Organic semiconductors, on the other hand, are a relatively new member of the semiconductor family and are composed of molecules containing carbon, hydrogen, and other elements.

“There are very few examples of natural organic semiconductors and melanin was thought to be the very first example, demonstrated to be such in the early 70s,” says Meredith.

Powell says that in semiconductors, such as those found in computers and mobile phones, electrons carry the electrical current. However, in biological systems, such as brains and muscles, ions carry the current.

“We’ve now found that in melanin, both electrons and ions play important roles,” he says.

The study—published recently in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences—points to a new way of interfacing conventional electronics to biological systems using a combination of ion-and-electron conducting biomaterials such as melanin.

“Melanin is able to ‘talk’ to both electronic and ionic control circuitry and hence can provide that connection role,” says Meredith about the study’s finding, the culmination of ten years of research and experiments.

“There are very few materials that meet these compatible bioelectronic requirements, and an insight into melanin’s important biological functions and properties has been really crucial in this study.”

In recent years, the electronics industry has been driven to develop materials and components that are cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

“There is a realization that in many such applications, we should move on from the relatively more expensive inorganic semiconductors. We need cheaper, safer electronic materials with greener credentials,” says Meredith.

“Organic conductors and semiconductors are widely viewed has having enormous potential in this regard, and in the area of medical sensors and devices, biocompatibility will be a key requirement.”

The team is currently working on creating ion-based electrical devices using melanin, with a view to ultimately connect them to actual biological systems.

“A critical area that one could foresee for bioelectronics is stimulating or repairing signal-carrying pathways in tissues such as muscle or brain,” says Meredith.

Additional researchers from University of Queensland contributed to the study, as well as researchers at Lancaster University, and institutions in the United Kingdom and Poland.

Much of Earth’s Water Is Older Than the Sun


via LiveScience

Much of the water on Earth and elsewhere in the solar system likely predates the birth of the sun, a new study reports.

The finding suggests that water is commonly incorporated into newly forming planets throughout the Milky Way galaxy and beyond, researchers said — good news for anyone hoping that Earth isn’t the only world to host life.

“The implications of our study are that interstellar water-ice remarkably survived the incredibly violent process of stellar birth to then be incorporated into planetary bodies,” study lead author Ilse Cleeves, an astronomy Ph.D. student at the University of Michigan, told via email. [7 Theories on the Origin of Life]

“If our sun’s formation was typical, interstellar ices, including water, likely survive and are a common ingredient during the formation of all extrasolar systems,” Cleeves added. “This is particularly exciting given the number of confirmed extrasolar planetary systems to date — that they, too, had access to abundant, life-fostering water during their formation.”

Astronomers have discovered nearly 2,000 exoplanets so far, and many billions likely lurk undetected in the depths of space. On average, every Milky Way star is thought to host at least one planet.

Water, water everywhere

Our solar system abounds with water. Oceans of it slosh about not only on Earth’s surface but also beneath the icy shells of Jupiter’s moon Europa and the Saturn satellite Enceladus. And water ice is found on Earth’s moon, on comets, at the Martian poles and even inside shadowed craters on Mercury, the planet closest to the sun.

Cleeves and her colleagues wanted to know where all this water came from.

“Why is this important? If water in the early solar system was primarily inherited as ice from interstellar space, then it is likely that similar ices, along with the prebiotic organic matter that they contain, are abundant in most or all protoplanetary disks around forming stars,” study co-author Conel Alexander, of the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, D.C., said in a statement.

“But if the early solar system’s water was largely the result of local chemical processing during the sun’s birth, then it is possible that the abundance of water varies considerably in forming planetary systems, which would obviously have implications for the potential for the emergence of life elsewhere,” Alexander added.


Heavy and ‘normal’ water

Not all water is “standard” H2O. Some water molecules contain deuterium, a heavy isotope of hydrogen that contains one proton and one neutron in its nucleus. (Isotopes are different versions of an element whose atoms have the same number of protons, but different numbers of neutrons. The most common hydrogen isotope, known as protium, for example, has one proton but no neutrons.)

Because they have different masses, deuterium and protium behave differently during chemical reactions. Some environments are thus more conducive to the formation of “heavy” water — including super-cold places like interstellar space.

The researchers constructed models that simulated reactions within a protoplanetary disk, in an effort to determine if processes during the early days of the solar system could have generated the concentrations of heavy water observed today in Earth’s oceans, cometary material and meteorite samples.

The team reset deuterium levels to zero at the beginning of the simulations, then watched to see if enough deuterium-enriched ice could be produced within 1 million years — a standard lifetime for planet-forming disks.

The answer was no. The results suggest that up to 30 to 50 percent of Earth’s ocean water and perhaps 60 to 100 percent of the water on comets originally formed in interstellar space, before the sun was born. (These are the high-end estimates generated by the simulations; the low-end estimates suggest that at least 7 percent of ocean water and at least 14 percent of comet water predates the sun.)

While these findings, published online today (Sept. 25) in the journal Science, will doubtless be of interest to astrobiologists, they also resonated with Cleeves on a personal level, she said.

“A significant fraction of Earth’s water is likely incredibly old, so old that it predates the Earth itself,” Cleeves said. “For me, uncovering these kinds of direct links between our daily experience and the galaxy at large is fascinating and puts a wonderful perspective on our place in the universe.”