Brooklyn Event: House of Art this Weekend

Featured Artist: Alonzo Adams


Internationally acclaimed artist Alonzo Adams has garnered numerous awards and accolades. He is blessed to have many prominent collectors adorn their homes with his work.  Among them, Dr. William H. Cosby, Dr. Maya Angelou, Alonzo & Tracy Mourning, Patrick Ewing and Earl Graves just to name a few.

Featured Artist: Monique Luck

Monique is a phenomenal emerging artist.  She continues to receive awards and recognition around the country. Many of you have seen her work in our House…it usually doesn’t last long. Now we invite you to meet the woman behind the Mask.

House of Art Gallery 373 Lewis Avenue         Brooklyn, NY
RSVP or call 347.663.8195

Saturday, March 6, 2010
Meet the Artists Reception 6pm – 10pm
Sunday, March 7, 2010
Artists Discussions and Interviews 3pm – 7pm

Step Ya Foot Game Up!

red-crocs.jpg adidas.jpg

For the ’08 Street Knowledge will be doing a lot of collaborative work with our STREET WEAR homies.  We will be bringing you the top dogs of STREET WEAR fashion with the hopes of broadening your scopes.  What better way to set things off then to get you moist about these two exclusive treats for your FOOTWEAR.  Red Croc Uptowns!  Sickening.  Road Runner Adidas!  Silly.  Visit the homies over at to get a better assessment of what’s poppin’ on the STREET WEAR scene.  Shout to Irak & realmad HECTIC

Lamborghini Unveils World’s Fastest Car


Lets say you have $1.5 mil laying around in those oversize duffel bags and you always wanted to buy a jet, preferably a F-22…well, if you ever considered driving this plane then Lamborghini sure has the car for you.  The recently unveiled Reventon is the world’s most expensive and most powerful car to date, capable of doing 0-60 miles per in hour in 3.3 seconds and 212 on the open road!  The super exclusive vehicle will only be produced 120 times over with the first 20 rolling off the assembly line this year.  Patterned after the design of the fighter jet, this whip is simply being referred to as a work of art.  Anything is possible so who am I to say that you can’t pop up in one of these and steal the summer?  To all my hedge fund homies, get ya mind right!  Click HERE for the rest of this article. 

Lyrical Swords Slashes the Competition


YinSumi Press is proud to announce the release of Lyrical Swords Vol. 2: Westside Rebellion. This book is an amazing collection of essays and interviews with Hip Hop’s greatest stars. It features Rza, Nas, DJ QBert,, Balance, Del, Frontline, Gza, DJ Muggs, Smash Rockwell, Tragedy Khadafi, DJ Vlad, Slick Rick, Gangstarr, Paris, Run DMC, Jam Master Jay and many others! It also has powerful esays on Hip Hop and it’s relationship to chess, yoga, education, the prison industrial complex and various political issues facing the Hip Hop community. It is a MUST have for any serious student of Hip Hop today. Click HERE for the rest of this article.

Hip Hop meets the Smithsonian

The Smithsonian, the beacon of all things socially celebrated in America, is hosting an art exhibit dedicated to the vibrant force known as Hip Hop.  This exhibition titled “RECOGNIZE! Hip Hop and Contemporary Portraiture” will be taking place from February 8 to October 26.  It will feature the works of David Scheinbaum, a lensman who has been cataloging imagery in Hip Hop since 2000 and Kehinde Wiley, the Brooklyn based artist who is credited with incorporating Hip Hop iconic figures and random dudes with Renaissance themed paintings.  The poetry of Nikki Giovani will also be featured throughout the exhibit.  D.C. area artists have been commissioned to design several murals to be placed within the gallery as well.  So, if you have an urge to explore the best in contemporary Hip Hop art make your way down to the Smithsonian and catch this monumental exhibit.  For more details click HERE 

Street Knowledge TV makes it to the FRONTPAGE of ALLHIPHOP.COM!


The world’s most dangerous website ALLHIPHOP.COM, did the inevitable and threw the world’s most dangerous blog, STREET KNOWLEDGE TV, on the front page of their site.  The good folks over at ALLHIPHOP took notice to the explosive super exclusive release of Common’s Full Length film for “TESTIFY.”  This rarely seen 9-minute clip features Wood Harris, Taraji Henson, Kenny Burns and Bill Duke.  Directed by Anthony Mandler the movie is Oscar worthy!  Click HERE for the FULL STORY!

And deep from the archive here goes another treat…its an early Christmas on this side of town!

Lil Wayne to appear on The Boondocks

boondocks184.jpgLil wayne

Lil Wayne is set to appear on Cartoon Networks The Boondock’s animated series.  He will be featured as a character named ‘Nique.  The episode titled “Invasion of the Katrinians” will debut on December 10th.

Majesty Update :

Go to their officials site they got a bunch of cool shit  stuff over there if you really are a fan of the ho, I mean show!!

Boondock Official Website